Don’t Forget Your Umbrella.

You work hard for the things that are important to you.

For added coverage above and beyond the liability limits of your Auto or Home insurance policies, a Personal Umbrella insurance policy can provide added protection for your assets and future earnings.


Umbrella insurance is a liability insurance policy that protects your assets and future income in addition to your primary policies. Umbrella insurance doesn’t cover anything tangible. Instead, it covers liability — money you need to pay if you’re found legally responsible for damages when someone makes a claim against you.


There is no precise formula to calculate the amount of liability coverage you may need. As with all insurance decisions, the amount of insurance that is right for you depends on your individual situation and risk tolerance.

Net worth is one factor to consider along with your current and expected income. The greater your earnings and projected income, the more coverage you may want to consider.


Today we live in a very litigious or lawsuit-happy society, where judges and juries are handing down larger money awards than ever before.

A personal Umbrella policy provides:

  • Additional coverage over and above the liability limits of your underlying policies, such as auto and home

  • Coverage for your assets as well as your future earnings

Besides providing increased liability limits, a Personal Umbrella policy gives you these additional benefits:

  • Coverage against claims that may not be covered by your underlying policies for home or auto liability, such as libel, slander or defamation of character

  • Defense costs and attorney’s fees associated with claims against you that are covered by your Personal Umbrella policy, but not by your primary policies. These expenses are paid in addition to the policy limit.)

  • Coverage anywhere in the world


Get smarter about insurance planning; I can help.
Umbrella liability can be complex. I offer a free service that simplifies your options, so you can decide if your policy gives you the coverage you want.